Banapple: "A confusing fruit which restores a whopping 15 HP."

Green Banapple: "A more potent banapple which restore 45 HP."

Banapurple: "This banapple has a lovely, 90 HP restoring purple colour."

Golden Banapple: "It's too beautiful NOT to be fully heal by!"

Basic Info:

A Banapple is a combination of a banana and an apple. This fruit will heal your Vulpin when he is injured. The normal Banapples heals 15 HP, Green Banapples heals 45 HP, a Banapurple heals 90 HP, and the Golden Banapple heals all your heath. Normal Banapples sell for 2 shards, Green Banapples sell for 7, Banapurple sell for 14 and Golden Banapples sell for 50 shards.