Basic Info:

The Brushbeast is a Normal type monster that appears in every location except Darklight Castle and ???. Upon defeat it will drop a map to a mysterious location where you can get paints to customize your Vulpin.


Brushbeast have a narrow head with a pointed, beak-like snout, surrounded by a mane of light-brown feathers. From this mane, a pair of wings spreads, which fade from brown at the base to white at the tips of the wings. Brushbeast have no limbs other than their wings, and their body tapers into a long tail tipped with a paintbrush-like tuft of feathers. This tail is often hooked forward and is swung downward to slam into a foe from above. Brushbeast are splattered with paint all around the mane and tail, especially on the tail feathers.


The Brushbeast is only able to use the most basic Attack move.

Brushbeasts come in different colors:


  • You can encounter all types of Brushbeast in Bright Cloud.
  • It's attack action is splatting paint on your Vulpin.