Basic Info:

The Brushbeast is a monster that appears in Woods, at the Desert Ruins, at the Sea Cave, or at Cloudy Peaks. Upon defeat it will drop a map to a mysterious location where you can get paints to customize your Vulpin.

It is a Normal Element monster.


The Brushbeast is a rare bird/lion like monster.

All brushbeasts have a small hooked white head small white eyes. The body is mostly covered in light brown fur which is flecked with paint. A long white tail with a tip resembling a paint flecked brush. A pair of brown and white wings are attached to the Brushbeast's body these wings are almost as large as the monster itself.

Brushbeast come in different colors:

  • Black (In Woods)
  • Pink (In Desert Ruins)
  • Azure (In Sea Cave)
  • White ( In Cloudy Peaks)

Name and Appearance Origins

The name brushbeast is a combination of Brush and Beast.

Its appearance most likely comes form a griffin a mythological lion/eagle hybrid.


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