Basic Info:

The Calyx is an Earth Element Boss Monster with 50/50 HP (First battle) and 150/150 HP (The second battle)

Calyx is the Earthian Guardian and the Boss Monster of the Woods, It was also the first boss you encounter in this game. Upon defeat it drop a tome called Swarm Tome which will teach your Vulpin a new magic and the path to the Desert Ruins is revealed.

The Calyx can be encountered again at the Darklight Castle it is the first of 5 bosses. Upon defeat it will drop the Boulder Breath Tome and the player will be free to continue their journey.


The Calyx has a hooked mask with a large curved horn and yellow swirl markings and 3 dots are where it's eyes should be (But it's unknown if these are its eyes) It has 2 sharps spikes coming out of it's mask, near the eye area and a long horn coming the front tip of the mask. It has a short mane made of tiny green leaves, 4 medium-sized sharp leaves spout from it's mane. It's body is slightly transparent and has a soft mint crystal-like structure. Around the Calyx's neck is a vine form which tiny brown leaves hang. The Calyx has 2 pairs of wings spouting on it's back. These wing resemble leaves. The Calyx's tail is long and hooked the tip has a couple of slightly withered leaves.

Name and Appearance Origins

The name Calyx comes from the Latin calyx which itself comes from the Ancient Greek κάλυξ (kálux) meaning "husk" or "pod" Thus referring to the plant-like appearance of this creature .

The appearance itself maybe based of moss-covered stones or grass spirits.