Basic Info:

Chigrumpen is a monster that you encounter at Cloudy Peaks.

It is an Air element monster and has Attack, Vortex Strike and Bolt in its moveset. It has 60/60 HP and will reward the player with Shards or Banapples.


The Chigrumpen is a fat turkey/chicken-like creature.

It has a large, pale yellow crooked sharp beak. A bright red crest covers its face there is a tiny white spot on the lower right-side of the crest. The eyes are small and beady. The body is round and colored a dull brown. The legs are short and colored just like the beak. The feet have 4 claws. 3 in the front and one in the back.

Name and Appearance Origin:

The name Chigrumpen is a. combination of Chicken, Grumpy and hen.

The appearance is a combination of a Chicken and a Turkey's body.

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