Basic Info

The Final Boss is of course the final boss of the game.

The Final Boss is the monster that broke the Starstone and the last one that hold the last shard of the Starstone.


The Final Boss doesn't show its whole body and only half of it has been shown. It is believe that it is a quadrupedal creature. It has two head, one representing the dark side and the other one representing the light side. In both neck they wear a silver collar. two of its leg have three claws, and it glows a purple-ish color. On its right head, it is all black except its eyes which color is white and it has curved horn. Its moves are Attack, and Lunar Rain. On the left head, its body are all white, from its head, three long spike sprout and three more small horns sprout on top of its head. It moves are Heal, and Sunburst.

Name and Appearance Origins

The Final Boss, is of course, a final boss from Vulpin Adventure.

It's appearance comes from the Yin-Yang which means Dark-Light. The Yin-Yang represents opposites in perfectly balanced harmony. It this case, Dark and Light.