Basic Info:

Flaming Fossil is another monster you encounter at Desert Ruins.

It is a Fire Element monster and has 15/15 Hp. Its movepool is Attack and Flame Strike.

It will occasionally drop the Bone.


The Flaming Fossil is a living-skull creature. It's skull slightly represents a dead reptile creature. The mouth is full of teeth the eyes have an eerie glowing white light to them. Two hands float besides the head these hands have 3 figures long, hooked claws. The whole monster is on fire. The flames are yellow which then deepens into orange and then red.

Name And Appearance Origins:

The Flaming Fossil is just that. A flaming fossil.

The concept of this creature maybe a reference to Dry-Bowser from Mario. The remains of Browser that have comes to life and have the ability to breath fire-balls.

The appearance however resembles the head of Renegade Reptile thus hinting some ancestry between them.