Basic Info:

The Hedgewolf is the a Monster encountered at the woods.

It is an Earth Element monster.


The Headgewolf is a large bulky bipedal wolf/hedgehog like creature.

It has a small wolfish head, a long snout, a pair of small ears with sliver tips, two fangs coming out of it's lower jaw, and red eyebrows.

The hedgewolf's back is covered in spiky dark-grey fur/quills, the arms are muscular and the paws have 4 claws.The hedgewolf's tail is thick with two spiky tufts of fur.The underside of the Headgewolf sliver.

Name and Appearance Origins:

The name Hedgewolf is a simple combination of Hedgehog and wolf.

The hedge wolf's appearance is consisted by the traits of these two animal and possibly adding the tusks of an actual hog.

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