The Hydrex is a boss monster that you fight in Sea Cave.

It is a water element monster. It has 200/200 HP the moves Frost Strike and Bubble Fountain in its moveset.

It drops the Bubble Fountain Tome when defeated. Afterwards the player can continue their journey and discover Cloudy Peaks when found the map.

The Hydrex makes it's second appearance at Darklight Castle with 400/400 Hp and Aqua Breath incorporated to it's moveset once the player defeats the Hydrex here.They will be rewarded with the Aqua Breath Tome and they will be able to continue their journey.


The Hydrex is a very complex creature. It has a small thin hooked head. From its head 4 sharp spike sprout the neck is long on its sides there are 2 large wings with 4 gigantic white claws.The bottom half of the creature is obscured by it's wings but it seems that the feet is a large hovering spiky snowflake shape.The Hydrex is a light grayish-blue with the back of the neck and wings being a slightly darker blue.

Appearance and Name Origins:

The name of the Hydrex comes from Hydra (Another name for jellyfish but also the name of aquatic multi-headed monster) and Vortex the name that is given to a spinning body of water.)

The appearance may sprout from an arctic bird and from snowflakes.