Basic Info:

The Inpu is another monster you encounter in Desert Ruins. It is a fire element one.

It drops the Heal Tome, and the Tail Bandage, which all can be founded in Shop.

It has 13/13 HP and it's moveset is Attack, Heal and Flame Strike.


The Inpu is a black dog-like creature. Both its head and ear are big, the area around the eyes is golden, around the neck there is a golden collar with a green gem on it, the body is solid and the legs are slim and on each leg and there is a tiny gold spot. The Inpu's tail is long and wrapped by a bandage. Behind the Inpu there is a golden circular symbol with a smaller circle in the middle form which a long line is attached this golden line ends in a cross like tip. Two squares and a triangle are on top of the main golden circle.

Name and Appearance Origins

The name Impu comes from the 2 different names given to Anubis the Egyptian god of death. Anpu and Imuit.

Anubis is commonly linked with black dogs. He tends to be shown carrying the Was-Sceptre, and the Ankh.