Basic Info:

The Inpu is the second monster you encounter in Desert Ruins. It is a fire element.

It drops the Heal Tome, and the Tail Bandage, which can be founded in Shop.

It has 13/13 HP and it's moveset is Attack, Heal and Flame Strike.


The Inpu is a black dog-like creature. It's head is quite large the ears are gigantic and have dull grey insides,the area around the eyes is golden, the neck is long and around it there is a golden collar with a green gem on it, the body is solid and the legs are slim on each leg and there is a tiny gold spot. The Inpu's tail is long and wrapped by a bandage. Behind the Inpu there is a golden circular symbol with a smaller circle in the middle form which a long line is attached this golden line ends in a cross like tip. Two squares and a triangle are on top of the main golden circle.

Name and Appearance Origins

The name Impu comes form the 2 different names given to Anubis the Egyptian god of death. Anpu and Imuit.

Anubis is commonly linked with black dogs. He tends to be shown carrying the Was-Sceptre, and the Ankh.

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