The Lightdragon is a light element monster that you encounter at Darklight Castle. It will only apear in the day area and drop a tome called Sunburst Tome.


The Light Dragon is a bipedal white dragon. It has a long snout with two small spikes above it's two pink eyes and two long horns, there are four more spikes spouting from it's cheek.The Lightdragon has a long thick neck, the two front limbs consist entirely of large white bat-like wings with a claw at the tip. The legs are long and the feet have three claw. There also visible tail.

Name and Appearance Origins:

The name Lightdragon obviously comes from the words Light and Dragon.

Like the whole area of Darklight Castle and it's dragons, the Lightdragon represents the Light while the Darkdragon represents Dark

The Lightdragon isn't really a dragon it is actually a Wyvern. (Aka. a two-legged dragon.)