Basic Info:

LobsterMonster is one of the monster that you encounter at the Sea Cave.

It has 28/28 HP and Attack and Frost strike into it's moveset.

This monster is a Water Element monster.


LobsterMonster is a bipedal lobster-like creature.

It has a diamond shaped head, small black eyes, and two pale yellow feelers coming from the tip of it's nose in a V shape.

LobsterMonster has a long neck, a round body and a fish-like tail. From this creature's torso two lobster claws spout serving as arms. Its legs are small with 3 claws. The underside of the water creature is pale yellow and the upperside is a orange-brown color with zigzagged black stripes.

Name and Appearance Origins:

The name LobsterMonster comes form simply combining Lobster and Monster.

It's appearance is a lobster but with more monstrous aspects.