Locations are various places all throughout the world of Vulpin Adventure. There are five different total of locations in the game (one extra secret one). Each Locations have only one specific type of monster which have only one elements. Different Item Droppers can also appear in the location. When you defeat the Boss Monster in that certain area, and advance to the next stage behind it, there will be a hidden map for you to advance to the next location. Brushbeast will randomly appear and when you defeated them they will drop you a map to a paint-splattered area, which you will find a paintbrush to unlock a new color in your palette.

The Map

VA Map

Lists of Locations

Location Name Image Habitat Type No. of Stages Monsters
Varies 1 Vulpin
Earth 5 Mot, Mushmuncher,

Hedgewolf, Calyx

Desert Ruins
Uh huhu
Fire 5 Renegade Reptile, Inpu,

Flaming Fossil, Drakhbet

Sea Cave
Ice 6 Seahorse, LobsterMonster,

Snoroceros, Hydrex

Cloudy Peaks
Air 6 Scythe Wasp, Chigrumpen,

Dragon, Pterophor

Darklight Castle
Light/Dark 6 Starwisp, Fluffpuff, Darkdragon, Lightdragon, Final Boss

Color Area

Location Name Image Type No. of Stage Color Paint
Dark Woods
Varies 1 Black Paint
Desert Edge
Varies 1 Pink Paint
Azure Beach
Varies 1 Azure Paint
Bright Cloud
Varies 1 White Paint

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