Monsters are the main creature of the land of Vulpin Adventure. There are many kinds of Monsters and have each elements to go with them.


A Boss Monster, Calyx

The Boss Monsters:

The Final Boss was the monster that broke the Starstone and led to the monster invading the Areas that you have to explore. There are a boss in each area and each 5 of them hold the shards of the Starstone. When you defeat a boss monster, it will drop a tome and lead a new path for you to find a Map that led to the new area.

Ordinary Monsters:

Ordinary Monsters are just normal monsters that frequently appears to attack your Vulpin. Ordinary monsters start out easy in the beginning but will increases Strength and HP. Like the Boss Monsters, ordinary monsters drop many items and Shards.

Brushbeast and Ducky

Brushbeast and Ducky are extra monsters that appear randomly and drop a very rare items.


See the main article: Brushbeast

Brushbeast are an extra monster that appear randomly in all locations except Darklight Castle and ???. They drop an items that add a palette to your customization tab and unlock more choices for you to custom your Vulpin more freely!

Ducky and Monsieur Ducky:

See the main articles: Ducky, Monsieur Ducky

Ducky and Monsieur Ducky only live in a secret area called ??? and how you can find them is by only play in the website Flash Game Nexus. ONLY FLASH GAME NEXUS. After you defeat the Final Boss, go back to Shop and when you see the map, buy it, and go to the place that popped out.

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