Basic Info:

The Mushmuncher is the second Monster that you encounter in the woods. It is an Earth Element monster, it only know Attack as its moveset.


The Mushmuncher is a bipedal, bird like-creature.

The Mushmuncher has a large eyeless head with two long antennae spouting form its head. The mushmuncher is red with tiny white spots. It's underside is cream colored it has short black legs with 4 black claws, the mushmuncher's tail is long but the tip is white.

Name and Appearance Origins:

The name Mushmuncher probably comes form the word Mushroom and munch.

Munch is a word used to describe the act of eating nosily a reference to the sound that the Mushmuncher makes when attacking.

The Mushmuncher has the same color scheme as the mushrooms found in the woods which have similarities to Amanita Muscaria a toxic mushroom that is linked in popular culture with faeries and wood-land magic.

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