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Peater24 aka. Pea started editing in February 6, 2017. She had made multiple progress but still had to contact Umbreon for help because she isn't very skilled at editing and tools.

The reason she liked Brushbeast is because she likes drawing.



"Why aren't you guys editing?!?!"



She is lazy, but very attach to the work if she really likes it, she also likes video games, she draws on a daily basis, and dreams to be a game designer. She sometime can be sounding like she is in charge, but she can't help it. Her favorite school subject is math and is lacking in PE. She is bad at video game, thus she cannot even finish Kirby's Dreamland (Wait.... I should do that! 40 minutes later.. I DID IT!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

Her Own Wikis:

VA Stories Wiki

Cringe Club Wiki

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Personal Info:

  • She has the same birthday as Club Penguin (October 24, 2005)
  • She was born in the year of Rooster and is a Scorpio.
  • She is Vietnamese.
  • She is 147 cm (4'10") tall.
  • Her blood type is O.

Fandoms (those in parentheses are favorite character):

  • Plants vs. Zombies (Repeater & Penny)
  • Kirby (King Dedede)
  • Pokemon (Quilava)
  • Undertale (Chara)
  • Vulpin Adventure (Brushbeast)
  • Vocaloid (Kagamine Rin & Len) & Utaite (Glutamine)
  • Cuphead (Mugman & Hilda Berg)
  • Bendy and the ink Machine (Bendy)
  • Yandere Simulator (Kokona Haruka)
  • Anime (One Piece & Osomatsu-san)
  • Club Penguin (Gary)
  • Animal Jam (Liza)


  • She has a drawing social media app called Sketch. 
  • She is kinda impatient but very loyal to her friends. 
  • She doesn't want to grow up. 
  • Has too many Ocs. But to name a few of them: Peater, Glu, Redberry, and Leo. 
  • She doesn't like her real name to be mispronounced or misspelled (It's quite complicated to fellow Americans) 
  • Pea's favorite month is October and December.
  • Pea hates the boring month. (No Holidays)
  • She believes in Santa
  • Pea is pretty good at imitating animal sound and.... very weird sounds that can't be done by human being


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