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Basic Info:

Pterophor is the boss in Cloudy Peaks, it has 300/300 HP and knows Attack, Bolt, and Heal.

It drops the Bolt tome and defeated and the player gets to progress to the next location.


The Pterophor has a purple butterfly wings with yellow and light blue spots under it, two more wings on each side of its body, and long antennaes sticking out of its heads. A cloth covers possibly its eyes, the abdomen have two strings sticking out, but at the second appearance, the color was change and pink star surrounds it.

Names and Appearance Origins:

The name Pterophor may stem from the Latin name of the white plume moth (Pterophorus pentadactyla).

The appearance may sprout from many things, mainly the appearance of insects, as the large wings on the back appear to be butterfly wings. The long body and the antennae also appear to take large inspiration from the white plume moth, and the four wings are possibly influenced by the fact that the white plume moth appears to have four wings, despite only having two. The origin of the four wings appears to be from a bird.