Basic Info:

The Scythe Wasp is a monster you encounter at Cloudy Peaks.

It is an air element monster. Its moveset is Attack, and Vortex Strike. It has 50/50 HP and upon defeat it can drop Shards, and Banapples.


The Scythe Wasp is a small Wasp-like creature.

It has a small black egg-shaped head with tiny grey lines for eyes. From it's head two feathery pale yellow antennae sprout. The first body segment is small and round. The upper-side is bright yellow with black spots while the underside is black. Attached to this segment are two pairs of long, flat wings, two thin stick-like arms sprout from the underside of the first segment. These arms end in a pair of yellow and black scythe-like feet. Also attached to the first segment is the second segment. It is long and thin and is yellow with black spots on top and back underneath.

Name and Appearance Origins:

The name Scythe-wasp comes form the words Scythe and wasp respectively.

The appearance may be inspired the infamous Yellow-jacket Wasp.

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