The Seahorse is one of monster that you can encounter in Sea Cave.

It is a water element and knows the moves Attack and Frost Strike. It has 22/22 HP

Upon defeat it may drop the Spiny Earring.


It has a baby blue colored body, all the spikes on it's body have coral pink tips and the tail is covered in pink spots.

It has long snout and 5 pointed spikes on top of its head. It has small beady black eyes with white marking around them. The seahorse has a white-ish stomach, the fins are spiked, the tail of the Seahorse is curled.

Name and Appearance Origin:

Obviously the Seahorse is a seahorse.

The spikes on the Seahorse's body and their color maybe a reference to the fact that seahorse camouflage in coral reefs by taking the color of the corals.