The Seahorse is a Water Element monster that you encounter in Sea Cave. It sometime drops a Spiny Earring. Its known moves are Attack, and Frost Strike.


The Seahorse's body shape is clearly shaped like a Seahorse. They has a long snout, a spiky fins, and heads filed with spikes. Its body is color a baby blue and has a very spiky body. At the tip of it's spikes is covered with gradient white and ending with a pink tip. Its tail is curly and has pink spots on its back.


The Seahorse is capable of using both the basic Attack move and the Frost Strike move. It lunges forward and jabs its target with its snout to deal physical damage, and it raises its fins to cast bubbles at them.


  • The spikes on the Seahorse's body and their color maybe a reference to the fact that seahorse camouflage in coral reefs by taking the color of the corals.