Basic Info:

Snoroceros is a Water Element monster that you encounter in Sea Cave. Its known moves are Attack, and Frost Strike. It sometimes drops the Ice Horn.


The Snoroceros is a large, bulky quadrupedal creature. Covered in thick spiky silver fur.

It has a large head and the chin is covered in spiky fur. Sprouting from it's face is a large crooked horn on the tip of it's nose is another horn. At the back of it's head it has 3 more horns.

This monster has a bulky body. The tail is long and ends with a furry white tip.The legs are short and has 3 claws on every foot.

Name and Appearance Origin:

  • The name Snoroceros is Snow and Rhinoceros combined.
  • Its appearance probably comes from The Woolly Rhino. An extinct species of Rhino that lived during the ice-age had 2 horns and had thick fur.