Welcome to the Vulpin Adventure Wiki!

Welcome to the Vulpin Adventure Wiki!

This wiki is dedicated to the 2D flash game Vulpin Adventure.

Vulpin Adventure is an online 2D Flash RPG created by Firequil in 2010.

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Vulpin Adventure and everything in the game belongs to Firequill.

About Vulpin Adventure

The gist of the game is simple - guide your own customizable Vulpin through various different areas, fighting monsters in one-on-one combat, earning AP (Ability Points) by defeating them, and applying them to your Vulpin's stats one-by-one - thus, allowing your Vulpin to grow stronger the way you want.

Along the way of your journey of restoring the five pieces of the Starstone, you'll buy and obtain various new skills and items . Will you be able to direct your Vulpin and defeat the creature that shattered the Starstone in the first place?

This game can be played at Flash Game Nexus , at Newgrounds , at free world group , or at


We recommend you to play the game first before you explore our wiki to make sure you will not see any spoilers in here, but if you want to see some info about places and monster feel free to visit our wiki!

VA Wiki Stats:

Vulpin Adventure is founded in June 3, 2016 and has over 100 pages and 1500 edits and 2 admins. The wiki is still functioning poorly and need more users.

Wiki History:

The Poll:

What group of monster do you like the best?

The poll was created at 02:51 on June 3, 2017, and so far 24 people voted.

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