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Umbreon The Serial Killer aka, Umbeon, is the founder of Vulpin Adventure Wiki, she created the wiki on June 3rd 2016, but went on a hiatus until ebuary of 2017.

Even with her comeback, Umbreon isn't a very active editor due to Fan-fiction net and schoolwork.

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  • Umbreon's actual name is Jazmine, but she prefers writting it like this: Yazmine
  • Yazmine favorite pokemon is Bayleef
  • Yazmine is Bilingual.
  • She knows Spanish and English
  • Yazmine wants to see snow
  • Yazmine despises December becuase it reminds her that she dosen't have many friends(IRL), and becuase D is for depression.
  • Her dream job is to be an animator/author
  • Her two main oc's are Tornshine and Umbreon the Serial Killer
  • She is addicted to angsty fanfics
  • Her birthday is January 2nd
  • Her current favorite song is Head Head Heart
  • She's learning how to do animations.
  • Her favorite FNAF character is Mangle
  • Yazmine likes drawing feline/canine/vulpine/horse-like cretures becuase they're easy.