"What the f*** am I doing with my life?"

User Info:

Umbreon The Serial Killer aka. Umbeon, is the founder of Vulpin Adventure Wiki, she created the wiki in June 3, 2016, but went on a hiatus until she returned in 2017.

Even with her comeback, Umbreon isn't a very active editor due to school, social life and Fan-fiction net.

External Links:



  • Icon For Hire
  • Three Days Grace
  • The Neighborhood
  • Crossfade
  • Vocaloid


  • Jadien Animations
  • SMG4
  • TheOdds1'sOut
  • Eucalyptus Splash


  • Umbreon's favorite Pokemon is Bayleef.
  • Umbreon used to like Espeon.
  • Umbreon likes rock and electronic music.
  • Umbreon knows English and Spanish and is currently learning Japanese
  • Umbreon can repair computers.
  • Umbreon's eyes are actually brown, but she would like them more if they were green.
  • Umbreon is tecnophobic.
  • Despite her fear of robots Umbreon thinks that FNAF and Bendy are cool games (As long as she doesn't play it or sees play though.).

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