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Umbreon The Serial Killer aka. Umbeon, is the founder of Vulpin Adventure Wiki, she created the wiki in June 3, 2016, but went on a hiatus until she returned in 2017.

Even with her come back. Umbreon isn't a very active editor due to school, social life and Fan-fiction net.

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  • She is a fan of Pokemon, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe,Dance Dance Revolution, Elfin Lied, Warriors, Black butler, Dragon Ball Z, Icon for Hire, Owl City and David Guetta and Vulpin Adventure
  • She strongly believes in Yin-Yang/Aliens and the Illuminati
  • She beat Vulpin Adventure in 3 hour and 6 minutes.
  • She is a Dipidot fan
  • Her favorite Pokemon is Bayleaf/Pidgeot/Umbreon
  • Umbreon goes to high school

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