Basic Info:

Vulpin Adventure is a online 2D Flash RPG created by Firequill.

The gist of the game is simple - guide your own customizable Vulpin through various different areas, fighting monsters in one-on-one combat, earning AP (Ability Points) by defeating them, and applying them to your Vulpin's stats one-by-one - thus, allowing your Vulpin to grow stronger the way you want. Along the way of your journey of restoring the five pieces of the Starstone, you'll buy and obtain various new skills, items, and equipment. Will you be able to direct your Vulpin and defeat the creature that shattered the Starstone in the first place?


Unlike some RPG games, Firequill style is simple and relaxing, and the player doesn't get confuse with tools in the game and can freely use them.

Vulpin Care:

Vulpin aren't hard to take care of, but if you do it poorly, it mood will decrease and its battle performance will be weak. You can improved you Vulpin's mood by feeding it Banapple, Starberry, Meditate, or stroking it at Home. The mood circle is located at the up-left corner. The more brighter the mood circle is, the more happy the Vulpin. Vulpin also get sad when idle for a long time, when your Vulpin loses a battle, you will have a rather miserable Vulpin, move your cursor to it and give it some love!


You can customize your Vulpin into a different color, when you find a creature called a Brushbeast, defeating it will unlock a new color palette for you to customize.


Shards are the main source of money in the game. You can buy 21 items in the Shop. AP (Ability Points) are use to buff your HP, Strength, Defence, and Speed. MP are the amount of power to use a move, sometime you see one of your move have a blue crystals or more on them, that's the amount of MP you need to use that move.

Items Dropper:

Items Droppers are natural things you found in some Locations. When you click on them, they might drop a free items for your Vulpin to use.


Monsters are the obstacles in the game while you go adventuring to find the 5 Starstone Shards, they can get harder to beat when you go to locations to locations, Boss Monsters are the monster you defeat to continue your journey and they also drop tomes for you to use.


Elements are like a rock-paper-scissor game. One is weak to another while one is effective strong to another, then it goes on and on. Normal is the only elements that has no weakness or effective to any elements. Each Element that points to the other one is powerful againsts

Fire => Air => Earth => Water => Fire Again Light<=>Dark

Click here to play the Game!

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